Hi, my name is Gunnar Plöhn and I am the creator of the Internet!

Ok, just in parts - but my passion is to build and design beautiful webpages and e-commerce projects.

Since 2009 I am a freelancing Designer, Webdeveloper and Online-Marketing-Consultant currently based in Northern Germany.

Grown up in a cozy town called Flensburg (Germany) I made stopovers for living in Hong Kong (SAR China), Cologne, Dresden, Pforzheim, Bandung (Indonesia) and Malmö (Sweden) to live now in Hamburg.

Due to the freedom of the Internet I am able to move from time to time to other places to work remotely. This helps me staying creative and to be open minded for all kind of projects.

Since 2014 I am also an Entrepreneur. Together with two partners I founded the company KNG Kraichtal Nord GmbH.

flash4science - a completely novel biotech marketplace where we match suppliers and labs - is our first project.

Beside my working profession I am a passionated Snowboarder, Kitesurfer, Diver, Backpacker and Outdoor Enthusiast.

I am always looking for people with the same interests, interactive communication agencies or companies who want to raise their current website to a higher level. If this applies to you feel free to contact me.

So have a look at my website or the provided links to my social profiles at the page footer. Or, to say it in the words of Neil Young: “keep on rockin’ in the free world!”

Here is what I do in a few words:

Design, Webdevelopment and Online-Marketing-Consulting for different projects and clients from various size across the globe.

And to be more precise: My advantage is that I am not just a Designer or just a Developer. I am both. And more than that I even have an economic background.

This means that I will not only get your job done. I will help you to improve your project from all kind of angles.

For me it is important to see a positive process of my work to satisfy my clients with the final outcome. Therefore I am thinking outside the box. For both sides this is the fun and successful part at the end!

If you like to read buzzwords:

I am mostly using html5, CSS3/SASS, mySQL, php, javascript & jQuery for my coding. Projects are often realised with wordpress, magento or shopware and the design work is done with photoshop, illustrator, indesign, premiere pro and after effects.

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Since 2009 I've done all kind of e-commerce- and webprojects!

My academic background is based in economic studies - I have a Bachelor Degree in Media Management and I graduated as a Master in Creative Communication & Brand Management at AACSB accredited HS Pforzheim, Germany. Furthermore I participated in ITB Bandungs MBA-Programm in Indonesia as part of a student exchange.

But already in school I started to code and design my first websites and before the graduation in my bachelor program I started to work as a freelancer for different agencies like Euro RSCG 4D/Havas Worldwide.

During this time I worked for big international customers and global players but sadly I am not allowed to present their names in public.

Because my portfolio would never be complete without these projects I decided to show none of my work online. I am sorry.

But if you are interested I would kindly ask you to inquire samples via my contact page. I will be more than happy to show you my work.

I am exited to receive a message from you!

Just use info_[at]_gploehn.de or my contact form.

As a freelancing german citizen I have to provide my address. But please consider the environment and use my email instead of paper.

Gunnar Plöhn
Ruhetaler Weg 4c
24960 Glücksburg

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hang loose

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